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Our Students, Our Pride - Students' Channel

At Waterway Primary School, we want to develop in every child the passion, the skills and the aptitude for learning so that they will be self-directed to learn, know how to learn and be always ready to acquire new knowledge and skills. We achieve this through a spectrum of customised distinctive programmes that complements classroom teaching and learning.

As part of our students' development, we also want to see them gain self-fulfilment and self-actualization by applying the skills, knowledge, attitude and mindsets we have imbued in them to areas that they are passionate about. To achieve this, Waterway Primary School provides different platforms for students to create artefacts that leave an imprint in the sands of time. This process gives the students pride and help build intrinsic motivation to pursue lifelong joy in their learning.

Students' Channel@Waterway is a showcase of our students as self-regulated learners through their creation of artefacts that demonstrate their growth and development in our school.

Students' Channel@Waterway is entirely the creation and works of our students.

WAPS Art Challenge 2020 (During Circuit Breaker)

Art Challenge 2020 was initiated for our students to express and show their art talent during the Circuit Breaker. The Art Challenge was also to encourage the students to express their emotions and feelings through art making. The students created two-dimensional art, three-dimensional art and even digital art.
Click on the link  to view the winning artworks from our students:

Videos by Self-Directed Learners

The collection below features videos created by our students at their own time. Applying skills learnt from Orators@Waterway, the school's Applied Learning Programme (ALP), students explored topics close to their hearts and unleashed their creative juices to create how-to videos, book review videos, and short advertisements. As our students learn and grow, they seek to benefit their audience with their creations too. We hope you will enjoy these videos as much as our students enjoyed creating them.

Click on the picture to view their videos.


WAPS CoTS Challenge 2020 (During Circuit Breaker)

These games were created by Waterway Primary School students during the Circuit Breaker. To engage the students holistically, the teachers created the CoTS challenge for students to continue learning outside of the HBL assignments.


Games created by students using Scratch

For the CoTS challenge, the students engaged in self-directed learning and applied Computational Thinking Skills in different challenges.


Example of students' work

Click on the link to view and try out their games.

WAPS CoTS Challenge 2020 during Circuit Breaker