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Mrs Catherine Lee

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Louis and Lucas have finished their Primary One last year and are moving on to Primary Two this year. We are fortunate that the children have opportunities to learn subjects such as ICT and Robotics in Waterway Primary School. Children today have different approaches towards learning different subjects and languages. Through ICT and Robotics, the children are able to explore and think creatively, which would help to stimulate their minds in the learning of other subjects. Just like when Louis and Lucas were in Primary One, they learnt to better express themselves and communicate with others through the Toastmasters (now known as Orators) programme. Our children will reap long term benefits from these programmes, which will in turn help them excel in future.  

 We also would like to express our appreciation to Louis and Lucas’ form teacher, Mrs. Lu. She is always there to assist our children in school and answer parents’ enquiries at any time. She even goes to the extent of listing down each individual child’s strengths and weaknesses related to their studies and behaviour which help us to take note of how to guide them through their growing. This is what we have never expected in a school. Eventually, this makes us feel that our kids are in the right school.  

 We believe that under the leadership of our principal, Mrs Wee, and with the hard work which the staff put in, our children will be well prepared for life. 

 ~Mrs Catherine Lee, mother of Louis Lee & Lucas Lee (2A, 2017)