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Mrs Iris Tan

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We feel so fortunate to have our son, Jerald, enrolled at Waterway Primary School. Even though this is a newly set up school which we did have some reservations about at first, all our initial concerns were gone after Jerald's first semester of school life because we see how the group of key personnel and caring teachers are leading our son so confidently and engaging him to enjoy his learning journey. 

Communication between the parents and the school are well-maintained and we are regularly updated on our son's progress.   We notice that Jerald has improved tremendously in his sense of responsibility in actions and words. He also comes home from school happy and full of stories about what he has done in school. We are constantly astounded at the progress he is making across all aspects of his learning, from speaking up more confidently after his Toastmasters classes to the knowledge he gained from the pre-assembly morning sharing, as well as the teamwork he learnt from his fun PAL lessons. The Chinese language enrichment course has also boosted his interest in Mother Tongue. The school also organises fortnightly mass walk sessions along the Punggol Waterway where Jerald gets to explore nature during school hours.   

I appreciate the school for giving me a chance to participate in the Parent Volunteers programme. This programme allow us to work closer with the key personnel, the teachers, other parents and even other children. Being a parent volunteer is certainly an enriching experience. It has given me a new perspective on how to be a greater and more supportive parent.

~ Mrs Iris Tan, mother of Jerald Tan (1B, 2016)