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Mrs Mahrukh Rakay Karim

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Waterway Primary School is one of the newest additions to Punggol's academic arena. Being in Phase 3 of the P1 Registration Exercise last year, with not much of a choice at hand, we registered our son, Ijtiba, in the school, having no idea what the future holds for us! By a stroke of luck, we could not be any happier when we found out that we've secured a place in the school for our son.

It’s been some months now that the school has commenced and so far, they have been doing an outstanding job. The school management and the staff are putting in a lot of hard work for our children. It is reassuring to know how the focus of the school is not on academic scores but more on building a solid foundation for the children in a holistic manner.

The school has taken great initiatives and is running a number of programmes that are unique to Waterway Primary School. When I first heard about them, I knew they are promising and well-thought out, and now, when I see them being executed, I am one happy parent! 

The key programmes, according to me, that are worth a mention, are:

1. Toastmasters@Waterway

2. Pre-assembly activities

3. Fruit break

The Toastmasters programme is introduced for the first time in Singapore's primary school education system. As a parent and having a little experience in the corporate sector too, I know for sure the importance of public speaking and the ability to present yourself at various forums. It is an excellent idea to inculcate in our children the art of public speaking and general conduct in the elementary years of their education. The programme is running successfully on a weekly basis and it is a delight to see the progress of my son with each passing day.

The second programme that I am very excited about is the Pre-assembly activities. The pupils are shown videos and presentations related to general knowledge, current affairs and general character building exercises. I believe with such opportunities, my child will not only excel in academics but be an informed and knowledgeable individual.

Last but not the least, the introduction of a 10-minute break for snacking (fruits and healthy stuff only) at 9.30 a.m. is an excellent step. A little extra nourishment in the morning definitely helps the child concentrate better on his lessons.

I am also participating in the Parent Volunteers programme. It is a great platform for me to work closely with the school staff and I get to witness the teachers and pupils live in action. I find all the teachers very cooperative and courteous. I am working with Mr Wong Beng Yu; he is the coordinator for the Toastmasters programme, a great teacher and an even better mentor. He not only welcomes observations and suggestions to improve my overall volunteer experience, but also feels no hesitation to guide me for my son on a personal basis. The teachers are well connected with the parents and I receive updates from my son’s Form Teacher, Mrs Diana Yap, on a regular basis. She is an experienced and highly dedicated teacher with a pleasant personality which the students love.

All in all, I am one very satisfied parent. We can clearly see the experience coming in with a veteran like Mrs Wee-Kwan Liam, the Principal, and the entire staff and management supporting her. Every day, my son is excited to go to school and I, as a parent know that my son is in the best hands!

~ Mrs Mahrukh Rakay Karim, mother of Muhammad Ijtiba Karim (1E, 2016)