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Mrs Mona Choo

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I am thankful and very assured that my child is in the 'right school' for his development and growth in the next 5 years. The emphasis on character and leadership development; believing in each child as an individual, apart from striving for academic excellence is 'a gem' of the school.

I have seen my child, Vangelis, grow and becoming more confident, more outspoken, more participative and more engaging in group activities outside school. I am deeply appreciative for the effort the teachers – especially his Form Teacher, Mrs Tan – displayed. Mrs Tan and her co-teachers were very devoted and guided my child through his first year. The teachers that came across his path have been very affirmative and positive. My son settled very well at school, and enjoys and looks forward to school.

Thank you, Mrs Wee, for setting the direction and passion for the school. We affirm and we believe that many parents would agree that the school has achieved a great milestone within the first year! Great job! We look forward with excitement to the new learning experiences for our son in the new academic year 2017! Kudos to you, Mrs Wee, and your excellent team!

Blessed Christmas and 2017 to you and your team too!

~Mrs Mona Choo, mother of Vangelis (1D, 2016)