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Mrs Sylvie Wong

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Entering P1 is an important milestone for every child and their parents. We wanted to look for a school that would let Eldon continue his learning journey in building up his character so he will grow up with sound values and be a confident person doing what it is good and right. We were also looking for a school that he would be able to cope in as we knew he would be the youngest in his level, being born on 1st January. That is what Waterway Primary has provided for Eldon!

Many parents whom I meet ask me why I've chosen Waterway Primary instead of the school near my home in Hougang. I would reply them that although Waterway Primary is new, I like the student-teacher ratio where the teacher would have more time to interact with each child. I believed that the school would have an experienced principal and teachers in order to make their beliefs and vision work. The teachers would also be more innovative to come up with new ideas of teaching for the kids to learn. You don’t always get a chance to have your child in a pioneer batch of students!

Waterway Primary provides a wonderful and nurturing environment with approachable and friendly staff. It also has a good focus on academic achievement. Every day, after school on our way home, Eldon would share what he has learnt and the happenings at school with all of us in his family.

I think being a Parent Volunteer and actively participating in school activities is a great way to show my son that I care about his well-being. I enjoy meeting like-minded parents at various events. The Toastmasters programme is what captures my attention the most because public speaking is a very essential life skill in the future in whatever we do. In the Toastmasters class, every child is encouraged to present prepared speeches to their classmates. Every child also has the chance to voice their views and give words of encouragement to their classmates. While volunteering, I once heard Mr Wong, the Toastmasters teacher, say this to the children: "In life, it is not always that what most people have chosen is right and what few people have chosen is wrong. Children, you must learn to think for yourself what is right and not just follow others." He said this to the children after he had asked a question and some kids, without hesitation, raised their hands to show their answers while others, who had no answer of their own, just decided to follow the majority. When I heard that, I thought that yes, they might be young P1 pupils, but it is very important for them to know what is right and wrong in life.

After half a year at Waterway Primary, Eldon now has more confidence and is very positive about learning.  At Waterway Primary, teacher communication is exceptionally good. I have never felt that my questions or concerns are a problem. We are extremely happy that we’ve chosen Waterway Primary and look forward to the coming school terms.

P.S. Thank you, Mrs Yap and teachers of 1E, for creating such a welcoming and warm learning environment. Special thanks to Mrs Yap, too, for keeping us updated through Whatsapp and sending the STELLAR book to our house after your working hours. ~ Mrs Sylvie Wong, mother of Eldon Wong (1E, 2016)