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Ms Jessica Siow

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When it comes to selecting a primary school for our children, it is truly a big headache for all parents. To enter the ‘more established’ schools in Punggol was quite impossible for my 1st child in Phase 2C. We were left with the options of 3 brand new schools which were still under construction. It was a very difficult decision at that time as we wanted the best for our children but there was neither any review nor feedback about these new schools. After many sleepless nights and much consideration, we decided to go ahead to enrol with Waterway Primary. We have had no regrets since my girl’s first day of school.  

The school offers unique programmes, such as Orators@Waterway (previously known as Toastmasters@Waterway), Mass Walk, Pre-assembly Activities and Fruit Break which target at a more holistic growth of our children. My girl did not like the Toastmasters programme initially as she felt shy standing and speaking in front of a group of people. However, under the encouragement of her teachers, she has become more confident and is slowly overcoming the fear of speaking in public. Being in the pioneer batch of a new school, my shy girl was lucky to have been given several opportunities to perform in various school events in her first year. These further helped to boost her confidence and independence which I am proud of.   

The school is always open to parents’ comments and feedbacks and would not hesitate to change for the benefit of the students. It is a relief to know that your feedback, no matter how small, is being valued and taken in.  

We are blessed that the school has a very nurturing environment with her pool of dedicated and committed teachers. They would readily give encouragement and praises to the students. “Develop interests; develop passion” – this is the message I have been receiving from the teachers.  

My girl is fortunate to have a very encouraging and committed teacher. She fully understands the parents’ anxiety (especially during the first few days of P1) and is always ready to answer the parents’ queries. She will always keep the parents updated via Whatsapp and ClassDojo, and has even started a beautiful class blog recently to share everything that is happening in class. It is really enjoyable to receive the updates and to know what your child has been doing in class.  

My younger son, who is currently in the second batch, had problems adjusting to school for the first 2 weeks. When I shared the issue with his teacher, she helped to address the issues and assisted my son to settle in. It is assuring to see that he is now looking forward to school and becoming more confident with his learning.  

Given time and under the guidance of the dedicated team of Mrs Wee, my husband and I believe that our children will grow confidently to be "The Gracious Citizen and the Lifelong Learner".  

~ Ms Jessica Siow, mother of Zoelle Tan (2E, 2017) and Ethan Tan (1H, 2017)