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Parent of Chia Jun Long

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My son, Jun Long, was a transferee to Waterway Primary School for his 2nd year of primary education. We are really glad that we have made the decision to come to Waterway Primary School. On the first day of school, we had a little communication gap, but through this gap we were able to witness the quick turnaround and recovery by the principal, Mrs Wee, and her crew of outstanding staff and teachers. This shows the capabilities of a good school management system, as well as the commitment and confidence given by the principal, teachers and staff to parents.  

My son has adapted very well and this is very much kudos to his form teacher, Mrs Lu. Her patience and motivational words of encouragement have helped to guide Jun Long to focus in class. Many a time, Jun Long has said that he wants to do well in class. The blog Mrs Lu has created is a very helpful communication platform for parents to get updates about what the pupils have learnt each day, as well as other helpful links. We can really see the great difference when we compare her to Jun Long's form teacher from his previous school. We are affirmative that Mrs Lu's passion to teach will be a great asset to the students and the school.  
Last but not least, thank you Mrs Wee for accepting my son for his transfer request, or else we would be missing a very good school which is so close by to where we stay.  

 ~Parent of Chia Jun Long (2A, 2017)