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Parent of Lewis Loo

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I would like to thank all teachers and staff of Waterway Primary School for their time, effort and leadership in nurturing our child. My son has shown me great improvement in terms of his results, behaviour and attitude towards learning over this short period of 1 year and 2 months, and I must really give credit to all his teachers for showering him with lots of patience, guidance and instilling fun in his learning!

Though we stay quite a distance away from school and he has to wake up very early to catch the school bus every morning, Lewis no longer complains and whines about this like before. He now jumps out of bed once the alarm rings and tells me that he is ready to go to school. The teachers in Waterway not only teach, but they show great passion and dedication in bringing out the best in my child. Thank you, teachers!

~ Parent of Lewis Loo (2A, 2017)