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Parents of Jayden Teo

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Dear 1H teachers, Knowledge Park Student Care and all,

I just wanted to thank you all for doing such a great job in the past one week for helping Jayden to settle down.  

I see some of you talking to the students, holding their hands, directing them, and even the security uncle giving us a little time to say our goodbyes as we dropped them off. I met Mr Tan and Ms Sandy, who assured me (instead of chasing me off).   

Jayden doesn't tell me a lot about school, except happily that teachers do not want him to bring Banana books (the "B" books) but only the Apples (the “A” books) -- thanks for making class so lively! I can tell he loves school as he looks forward to going to school. It's a result of your combined efforts. Thank you! 

~Parents of Jayden Teo (1H, 2017)