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Tribute to Teachers

I can never say enough “Thank You” to Mdm Reena, form teacher of class 1J. Mdm Reena demonstrated her dedication and professionalism towards guiding her class students very well. She works long hours and even over the weekend to prepare study materials for the kids. She never fails to reply to our Whatsapp messages. She keeps busy parents like myself updated on our children’s performance and makes sure they are not left behind. She is very caring. One day, when my girl fell sick, she even took a picture of the worksheet for me so that my girl could practise at home over the weekend and not miss out. Whenever we ask her for help, she will try her best and never says no. I am very delighted that I can have Mdm Reena as my girl’s form teacher.
Neo Chin Siong, parent of Neo Xin Hui (1J, 2018)

Technology has made it easier for students to learn using gadgets and devices nowadays, but still nothing can come close to the experience and knowledge of being taught by a school teacher. Thank you for your passion, hard work and dedication to your profession.
Thank you Mdm Reena for guiding, inspiring and building my child’s confidence. To others, you may just a teacher but to her, you are a "Super Hero" who guides her towards the right path, teaches her how to solve problems and cares for her, especially when her mother is outstation. 

Abby and Coy, parents of Adam Skye (3D, 2018) 

Thank you Waterway Primary's teachers for your smile, care, help and kindness. As parents, we are glad to see them grow, especially when they love going to school and enjoy learning every day. Thumbs Up!

Jasmine Lee, parent of Chong Zhi Han (1J, 2018)

A BIG "Thank You" to all the teachers of class 1G, especially Ms Low, for your guidance, care and encouragement to my daughter. I am glad that she is happy and coping well now. 还要感谢李老师为MTCL课程的学生创造一个有趣和创造性的学习环境,这让我的女儿对华文非常感兴趣. Greatly appreciated and many thanks!

Mrs Yeo, parent of Yeo Zhiting (1G, 2018)

Dear Mrs. Mitchelle Wong, 无论是在孩子的学业上亦或是人格的养成,您都付出无比的耐心,循循善诱着这批青涩的孩子们。您的温暖照亮了每一颗幼小的心灵,让他们在爱的环境中学习、成长、茁壮。您是我们在孩子成长路上的良师益友,这一路有您的陪伴,我们的心中充满无限的感激。希望1I的每颗小树苗都能在您心底开满了幸福的花。

Lo Pin Ju, parent of Liang Mu Yu (1I, 2018)

Mdm Reena is a very responsible teacher who goes the extra mile. We are thankful that she usually provides us with important information via WhatsApp for fear of us missing out. She even replies after her working hours. We are thankful for a good teacher like her who is guiding my daughter in school.
Tan Seng Kok, parent of Fionn Tan (1J, 2018)

Thank you so much Mdm Sayidah for being my son's mentor. You are not just a good teacher, you are an amazing teacher! You inspired him to learn even outside the classroom and to make a difference. You are the best TEACHER that he has ever had.
Mervin Toh, parent of Jovan Toh (2E, 2018)

Dear Mr. Phua, our deepest gratitude to you for being so patient and empathetic when Zhi En had a ‘rough’ start to P1. Through your patience and encouraging way of guiding her, you made her transition to a new school smoother and faster than we expected. Also, with your usage of technology, you have helped parents stay on top of the children’s school work and get updated with good pictures of them doing their activities and having fun! Not forgetting the kind reminders that slipped in between our busy schedules! I am positive and sincerely hope that many more students will gain and learn through your teaching and kindness extended to the children. Thank you!
Joanne Otsuka, parent of Lin Zhi En (1D, 2018)

Dear Ms Goh, I would like to extend my utmost gratitude for your patience, dedication and encouragement in guiding Yan Hong. I am glad that he is happy, loves going to school early and enjoys learning every day. Also, THANK YOU for going the extra mile to update us regularly on his class activities. Thumbs Up!

敬爱的张老师:谢谢您默默奉献,孜孜不倦的教诲, 引导彦宏欢喜地学习华语。

Mrs Lee, parent of Lee Yan Hong (1F, 2018)

Thank you Ms Soo for being an amazing teacher. Youssef is so lucky to have gotten a great teacher. You have helped him to be independent, motivated and above all, interested in learning. And also many thanks for all the feedback and the support you have given to us. We thank you for all the hard work. You are one of a kind and Youssef is blessed to have an educator like you.

Mr and Mrs Benamra, parents of Youssef (1A, 2018)

Thank you all the teachers of class 1H, especially Ms Kang and Ms Chang. Thank you Ms Kang for putting so much faith in Ethan, giving him the opportunity to be a class monitor. He had the opportunity to be responsible and be accountable. Thank you Ms Chang for the effort in creating worksheets which allow Ethan to practise and improve in his Chinese Language. 
Michelle Poh, parent of Ethan Quek (1H, 2018)

Thank you Mrs Wong & Ms Chua for your patience with Tristan and for coming up with innovative ways to improve his behaviour. Most importantly, for recognising his brilliance despite him being a tough boy to handle. We can tell that Tristan loves both his teachers very much, and that is a strong testimony to your teaching skills!

Joanna and Kevin, parents of Tristan Wong (1I, 2018)

Thank you for being such an inspiring teacher for Luke, Mr Seah. With your guidance and encouragement, Chinese Language is no longer a chore for him and he strives hard to cope. We are blessed to have you as his CL teacher as well as Form Teacher.

Patricia Theseira, parent of Theseira Luke Markus (3A, 2018)

Dear Mdm Tan, thank you for all that you have done to teach and guide Izzah since Primary One! She feels happy to be in your class and looks forward to school every day. Her enthusiasm for school shows how much she enjoys it. Izzah has grown and blossomed with your patience and kindness.

Syazwani, parent of Nurina Izzah (2C, 2018)

Dear Mdm Tan of P2C, I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for taking care of Dawn. From a shy girl when she just joined Waterway Primary School until now, she has become a vocal and confident speaker on stage. You have played a big part in her life.

Tan Peng Huat, parent of Tan Yan Jia (2C, 2018)

Every teacher is a Super Hero and Mrs Wong is Wonder Woman! A big warm hug to Mrs Wong for teaching and caring for Isaac for these two years. Mrs Wong is a very patient teacher and we are grateful that she is part of Isaac’s learning process. Keep it up Mrs Wong!

Ray and Sherilyn, parents of Isaac Ng (2F, 2018)

Many thanks to all the teachers, especially to Ms Soo and Ms Seah for all your efforts and dedication to Class 1A students! You have been so patient with Zi Chong, recognizing his improvement and encouraging him to be better. Zi Chong is so lucky to have both of you as his teachers in the first year of his long education journey.

Huang Wenlin, parent of Huang Zi Cong (1A, 2018)