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What other distinctive programmes are offered by the school?
There are 5 distinctive programmes offered in Waterway Primary School. More information can be found here.

When will CCAs be offered to the pupils?
Pupils will begin their interest CCA starting from Primary 3.

What are the Mother Tongue languages offered?
Chinese and Malay Language are the two main languages offered.

What are current levels in Waterway Primary School?
As of 2018, we are providing academic programmes from Primary 1 to Primary 3. 

What are the school hours in Waterway Primary School?
School hours is from 8.00am - 2.00pm.

Is there transport(School Bus) service provided?
Yes. You can contact the following Bus vendor: 
Sin Bus Transport Services
Tel: 9753 3363 (Mr William Thia)

For enquiries, is there a contact number or email address that I can write to?
You can contact the school at 6636 6880 or email to us at waterway_ps@moe.edu.sg.

What are the school facilities?
Waterway Primary is designed to provide an engaging learning environment to support your child's holistic education.
Some of the facilities include:

  • Art and Crafts Room
  • Dance Studio
  • Speech and Drama Studio
  • Indoor Sports Hall
  • Health and Fitness Room
  • Synthetic Sports Field
  • Mathematics and Science Rooms
  • Teaching Laboratory
  • Media Resource Library
  • Programme for Active Learning Rooms 
  • Outdoor Running Track and Fitness Centre 
  • Outdoor Experiential Science Garden

For FAQs related to the P1 registration procedures, please refer to Primary one registration.
How many vacancies are available at Westwood Primary School ?
The number of Primary One vacancies each school will offer for the Primary One Registration Exercise will be made available before the registration begins. Parents can refer to Primary Schools Vacancies by Phases for information on vacancies for each school.

What are the seats allocated for each phase?
To track the vacancies at each phases, please refer to Allocation.

What are the registration dates and time?
Parents can refer to Registrations Phases for more information.