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Principal's Message

Mrs Wee (Principal)

Dear Parents and Stakeholders

Waterway Primary School is a brand new school nestled amongst the green waterways of Punggol. From a humble start of just 5 P1 classes in 2016, all 320 P1 places in 10 classes were filled up in the registration exercise for 2019 P1 students. Like the previous 2 years, the school has one of the highest number of applicants in the Punggol area for phase 2C.

We are heartened by the increase in number of classes and students despite there being not many completed new flats near the school. Many of our students do not live near the school but parents opted us as their school of choice. Parents told us that they chose the school despite there being other schools that are closer in proximity to their homes because they have heard very good feedback about the school and also because of the programmes the school offers. Parents’ affirmation, some of which are reflected in our website as ‘Parents Say’, is an encouragement to our staff. We thank our staff for their hard work at building a good foundation for the new school. Our staff upholds the ethos of the teaching profession in leading, caring for and inspiring our students.

With technological advances, globalisation trends amidst tides of protectionism, and the rise of populism, the world that our students will grow up to is not what we can envision easily today. The challenge is to build strong foundations for our students so that they can thrive in work and life in the future. At Waterway Primary School, we want to develop in every child the passion, the skills and the aptitude for learning so that they will be self-directed to learn, know how to learn and be always ready to acquire new knowledge and skills.

Children do not learn the same way they did 5 or 10 years ago. With the deluge of information, technological advances and disruptions and the evolution of the modern human brain, information processing in the young brains takes place simultaneously via multiple pathways at high speeds. Our challenge is to provide learning opportunities and experiences for our children to help them build and establish neural networks in their brains so that they can explore learning and discover how best they learn.

A spectrum of customised distinctive programmes complements classroom teaching and learning. Good Morning School is a daily pre-assembly programme students look forward to as teachers share on a wide range of topics such as current affairs, music, art and science to expose students to learning beyond their classrooms, immediate neighbourhood and Singapore. Orators@Waterway, supported by MOE as an Applied Learning Programme, aims to nurture students through public speaking opportunities to be engaging presenters who speak with poise and confidence. With the funds provided, our students enjoy speech and drama lessons and theatre experience. We have also used the funds to set up a broadcasting studio to provide even more learning opportunities for our students. ICT lessons are conducted as part of the curriculum and Flipped Classrooms promote learning anytime, every time and everywhere. All students enjoy Robotics lessons aimed at developing problem solving skills and guiding them to think systematically and creatively. P2 students learn coding using micro:bit provided by Info-communications Media Authority (IMDA). In a coding challenge competition organised by IMDA in June 2018, our young students clinch the first and second prizes in the 7 to 9 years old category.

We provide a holistic education for our students, developing them in all domains – moral, cognitive, physical, social and aesthetics (德、智、体、群、美). In academic learning, we emphasise the learning process over content acquisition. Our curriculum aims are to develop in our students, confidence and competence in using the English and Mother Tongue languages; problem solving and thinking skills through Mathematics and Science; positive and lifelong attitudes of a healthy lifestyle through PE; appreciation and enjoyment of the arts through the aesthetics; and sound values through character education. This year, we offer Literature from P3 so that through the subject, our young students will have a window to peer out from themselves into the world of others and a mirror to hold out and learn about themselves.

It is our aim to build a school based on the strong values of Responsibility, Integrity, Self- discipline and Empathy (RISE). The very key to a successful person --- one who is morally upright, takes care of self, family and others, works well with others and has a zest for life --- is self-discipline. It is self-discipline that sets a person apart from the rest. A self-disciplined person makes good decisions to delay an immediate gratification to achieve better outcomes. He/She knows when to forgo play and be focused on working hard. He/She is confident, knows right from wrong and chooses right behaviour even in the face of adversity. He/She is therefore responsible and has integrity and empathy to make a positive impact on others.

We thank parents for their confidence in us and also for their support. We want to work together with parents to develop our students to be the best that they can be. We thank our community partner, Punggol 21 CC, who presents us with many opportunities to showcase our students’ talents and allow our students to share with others through Pay It Forward activities. Our students have also benefitted from Passion Children Soccer and Passion

Children Basketball coaching on Saturday mornings in the school conducted by Punggol 21 CC. This year, we strengthen our collaborations with IMDA. IMDA will be funding the training of our students in Coding and Robotics, a module in P3 and P4 Modular CCA for all students.

Much has been accomplished since the start of the school. It is empowering to work alongside dedicated staff who often go beyond the call of duty to care for and to nurture our young charges. There is strong bond and camaraderie amongst the staff. Together, we can and we will scale greater heights.

Our students are our pride. Our wish for them is that they will be like trees planted by the water, who bring forth fruits in good season, whose leaves flourish and who enjoy good success in all they do.

Mrs Wee-Kwan Liam

Education Background

BSc (Hons) – National University of Singapore 

Post Graduate Diploma in Education - National Institute of Education, Singapore 

MSc (Experimental Psychology) – University of Sussex, UK

MSc (Educational Psychology) – University of London, Institute of Education, UK

Leaders in Education Programme -  National Institute of Education, Singapore

Educational Experience:

Principal/ Xingnan Primary School

Principal/ Changkat Primary School

Assistant Director/ MOE Psychological Assessment and Research  

Educational Psychologist/MOE

Teacher/ Raffles Institution