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Basketball Interest CCA for Primary 4 students provides them with an enriching experience in sports and exposes them to the game of basketball, which is a team sport.

BasketBall-3.jpgStudents are taught the rules of basketball and develop basic basketball skills so that they are equipped to play the game and enjoy the health benefits of being active through sports. Basketball also provides the opportunity for the students to understand and experience the benefits of good communication and negotiation skills, as they learn to play in a team. They learn about good sportsmanship, gracious behavior, the value of resilience and the importance of team collaboration – skill sets and values to navigate their own future and life.


School values of Responsibility, Integrity, Self-discipline and Empathy are also reinforced through collaborative team play to build students' character and develop interpersonal skills. 

Good defence supports good offence.jpegStaying focused in dribbling drills.jpeg
 Good defence supports good offence Staying focused in dribbling drills
Promoting accuracy with speed.jpgStaying vigilant while still having a friendly shoot out competition.jpg
Promoting accuracy with speed
Staying vigilant while still having a friendly shoot out competition