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Students playing as a team with their peers.

Our Basketball CCA aims to develop students through the sport of basketball, not just physically but also mentally, to become athletes with strong values which they will carry along in all their endeavours.


Students will be exposed to various training methodologies and skills-directed activities in basketball such as individual ball-handling, dribbling, passing, shooting, team offensive and defensive, as well as game strategies for both non-competitive and competitive match plays.In the midst of basketball training, our teachers will also emphasise on moral aspects such as our school values of Responsibility, Integrity, Self-discipline and Empathy (R.I.S.E), as well as resilience to overcome challenges.

Through our activities, we hope to build a dedicated team with a common understanding of the CCA’s vision and goals, and instill a sense of pride and ownership in our players throughout their journey with us from P3 to P6. In so doing, it is envisaged that our players will grow to become confident and self-directed learners with a passion for basketball as they pursue a positive lifelong attitude towards health and exercise through the sport.