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Brass Band

Students focused on playing their trumpet well.

Waterway Primary School Brass Band (WAPBB) provides an opportunity for students to learn music by playing an instrument in an ensemble setting. It offers a broad and holistic educational experience, and builds the foundation for further leisure activity, or even for a career in the music industry. 

Band members creating music together

Brass band instruments include the trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba and percussion. Learning to play an instrument requires commitment, time and effort. The spider is therefore chosen as the band mascot, symbolising fervour and perseverance, the distinct traits of WAPBB members, rooted in the school values of Responsibility, Integrity, Self-Discipline and Empathy (R.I.S.E).

Band-9.jpgActivities for WAPBB members include mastering an instrument, putting up performances, attending concerts and enjoying team building games. There will also be leadership opportunities for WAPBB members to hone their soft skills and develop them into well-rounded individuals.

Creating music as "One Band. One Sound" encourages members to synergise as a team. The band experience will be an integral part of WAPBB members’ primary school journey that provides them with skills and friendships which they will carry with them for a long time to come.