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Waterway Primary School Choir was established in January 2019 as a platform for students to develop the joy in choral singing and to promote healthy vocal awareness for the students.

In Choir, the students are exposed to a variety of languages, cultures, rhythmic patterns and music around the world through a variety of song repertoire. The vocal training activities are conducted in a creative way to motivate the students to:

-    practice proper breathing techniques

-    use the larynx efficiently

-    engage in proper body posture

-    develop self-confidence for performance

-    strengthen pitching and do simple note-reading

Learning the proper standing posture to project their vocals effectively

Strengthening core muscles while moving according to the pulse

Understanding the body muscles to support breath control

Visualising their voice projection

As junior choristers, the students will have opportunities to develop leadership skills through guiding new choir members and leading vocal warm up and sectional practices (soprano and alto).

As a senior choristers, the students will work alongside with peers and teachers to manage administrative and logistical processes for rehearsals and performances.

Guiding peers to learn to note-read on choral score

Carrying out administrative duties.

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