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International Chess

The International Chess Club in Waterway Primary School started in 2020. With the sessions conducted by a professional chess trainer, chess enthusiasts are taught how to play the game well by picking up strategies and new moves during the training sessions. In addition, through the rich and active discussions with the trainer, they also improve their skills of chess openings, attacking or defending tactics, end-game strategies etc. Members get opportunities to spar with each other in mini tournaments held within the club, applying and putting what they have learnt into practice.

Students interacting in a silent manner on the chess board, interpreting each other’s non-verbal cues

The club aims to develop and hone higher-order thinking and analytical skills in students. With more experiences in playing the game, chess players will possess a good memory to recall and analyse their opponent’s past and current moves. Having evaluated the actions and consequences, they then anticipate the opponent’s next move before making theirs.

Through this CCA, we want to build self-confidence and instill the values of discipline, respect, integrity and resilience in our members. With these qualities, we believe that they can strive for excellence and challenge themselves in any difficult situation or competition. 

Members pit their skills against the coach.JPGWaterway Chess Tournament Mar-Apr 2022.JPG
Members pit their skills against the coach
Waterway Chess Tournament (Mar-Apr 2022)

Champions for Waterway Chess Tournament.jpg

Champions for Waterway Chess Tournament


 Students setting up and getting ready

IntChess2.pngStudents learning from an instructor

Through the CCA sessions, the students learn from one another and persevere in the face of adversity.