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International Dance

Our International Dance CCA aims to inspire passionate dance students and develop their interest and talent in dance.

Doing stretching exercises before starting on their dance.

It is a platform for students to learn various dance genres and styles in not just ethnic, but also contemporary dance such as Hip Hop and Jazz. We aim to provide students with a strong foundation in dance under the guidance of experienced dance instructors and teachers.
Mastering appropriate dance techniques requires plenty of practice, thereby cultivating the school values of Responsibility and Self-discipline in students. To showcase their learning, all dance members will be given opportunities to perform in school as well as external events. Dancers displaying strong ability will further be identified to represent the school in inter-school presentations such as the Singapore Youth Festival.


As with any choreographed dance, students will also need to work closely as a team to showcase their dance, thereby building upon the school values of Empathy and Integrity when interacting with one another, especially in the face of pressure. The exposure serves to encourage and inculcate leadership qualities as students learn to be resilient and are motivated to take up positions to lead or manage team members.

In the process, we strive to build confidence in our young talents, bringing out the best in each student, and to develop an appreciation for dance beyond school years.

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