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Info-Communication & Media

Media and Info-Communication Modular CCA (MCCA) aims to expose our students to media and infocomm technology in a fun and meaningful way. Our goal is to help them learn new infocomm skills and cultivate leadership and entrepreneurship capabilities at an early age. Our students will better appreciate technology and learn about application development, data analytics, cyber security and media production.

A Stop Motion Video created by P3 students during the Info-Communication & Media MCCA

Digital Literacy

Beyond the skills and knowledge imparted through the exposure to these various technologies, we want to develop our students’ Digital Literacy. Digital Literacy is the ability to use, create and share digital content safely and responsibly. It encompasses information literacy and media literacy.

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Information literacy is the ability to locate, identify, retrieve, process, and use digital information optimally. Media literacy enables us to comprehend, contextualise and critically evaluate information, as well as to create and communicate content effectively across digital media platforms.

In a rapidly advancing technological age, we want our students to cultivate a healthy online community and through this MCCA, learn to consider the collective well-being of fellow internet users. We want our students to have the attitude of taking personal responsibility to use the internet for the good of the community while understanding online dangers and the risks of negative online behaviours.


P3 MCCA teaches students to create stop motion videos using Legos and iPads. Students plan and create the videos in groups and film them during the course of 8 weeks. Students can showcase their creativity and develop a keen eye for detail. 

A scene from students video.png


Students using Legos to prepare the set for filming


P4 MCCA teaches students to create a website based on their hobby. They will learn to add titles, text, pictures, videos and buttons for navigation. Students also learn to organise information and publish their websites online.

Students website on Hobby.pngStudent showcasing her hobby on the website.png
 Student’s website on Hobby

Student showcasing her hobby on the website 

Student Agency

Learning does not stop when school ends and through MCCA, we want to empower our students in their learning. We want our students to extend their learning independently. After each Info-comm and Media MCCA module, a challenge will be given to the students for them to build on the skills they have learned in the module. Students will need to learn additional skills independently to complete the task. 

Animation to remind us to stay safe during this pandemic

Animation of a little worm’s life