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Speech & Drama

The Speech & Drama MCCA presents opportunities for our Primary 3 students to build upon the skills learnt from undergoing the Orators@Waterway curriculum while in Primary 1 and 2.

During the 8-week programme, drama techniques such as role play, tableau, mime and improvisation are revisited before students embark on the interpretation and dramatisation of poetry. Together with their group mates, they collectively devise a creative piece of poetry theatre based on a selected poem. The process includes visualising, verbalising and expressing poetry through physical movement. At the end of the programme, students present a class masterpiece to an audience of parents and teachers.

Through the enriching and enjoyable experience of learning to dramatise a poem and putting together a performance for an audience, our students develop their proficiencies in vocal expression, facial expression, gestures, spatial awareness and stage presence. They also improve in collaboration skills, strengthen their self-confidence and derive a sense of personal achievement.