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Flipped Classroom - My Classroom at Home

Technology is used to enhance the learning of our students. Starting from Semester 2 in the P1 year, ICT lessons are conducted for 2 periods a week. Over the course of their 6 years at Waterway Primary School, students will learn how to use application software to source, integrate and synthesise information for learning as well as presentations to engage an audience when presenting. They will also learn cyber wellness to develop their instinct to use technology ethically and to keep themselves safe when using the internet.

Waterway Primary School adopts Flipped Classroom, an approach used in many parts of the world, to promote learning beyond the classroom. Teachers prepare lessons and upload them for students to learn at their own pace or to relearn the lessons when needed. Teachers may also direct students to access some resources on the internet which can then be used for lively discussions in the classroom. While some of the learning is done outside of class lessons, teachers can use classroom lesson time to focus on higher order or more complex learning processes such as applying, analysing, evaluating, creating, etc. How Flipped Classroom helps learning in school is shown in the video.

An example of flipped classroom learning – Teachers uploaded resources so that students could learn more about the Rio 2016 Olympics at home. They came back to class and presented games such as volleyball, gymnastics and water polo. Everyone in the class was familiar with the games having watch them at home. In the class, teachers and students had adequate time to work on organising the presentations, writing the presentation and presentation skills.