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Growth and Benefit Mindset

A Growth Mindset refers to the belief that a person’s abilities and intelligence can be developed through dedication and hard work. According to Dr. Carol Dweck – the professor of psychology who coined the term and studied the scientific effects of a Growth Mindset for thirty over years. While someone with a fixed mindset believes in innate strengths, someone with a growth mindset believes that the brain is malleable and hence effort and experience can lead to higher achievement outcomes. Students who believe that they can learn more and can become smarter through hard work and perseverance indeed learn more, learn faster and learn more thoroughly. Such students perceive challenges and mistakes as opportunities to improve their learning and abilities. As such, they have a love for learning and the resilience necessary for great accomplishments. 

The school values of Self-discipline and Integrity underpin a Growth Mindset. 

The growth mindset is imbued in students through explicit teaching during Orators lessons as well as through integration in subjects across the curriculum. 

 Growth Mindset Journey at Waterway Primary 

As teachers and student presenters share about current affairs, they link their topics to the growth and benefit mindset. These links help our students to see how embracing a growth and benefit mindset is important and relevant to their lives. 


Students learn about growth mindset during Orators lessons. 
Students practise being bucket-fillers. Being a bucket filler meanswriting words of encouragement and notes of appreciationto fill a classmate’s emotional bucket.Students consolidate and internalisetheir learning of growth mindset through the mindset board game.
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Students read a prescribed book on growth mindset or graciousness every fortnight and answer some questions in their reflection journals.

Benefit Mindset

A Benefit Mindset takes the Growth Mindset one step further. Rather than learning and growing just for the sake of individual gain, a person with a Benefit Mindset believes that by growing to be his best, he can best apply his strengths to benefit the world around him. He aspires to discover his strengths so that he can meaningfully contribute to causes greater than himself. By making meaningful and valuable contributions to the larger community, he feels happy, accomplished and successful. This drives him to further grow himself so that he may better benefit the world. In a nutshell, the Benefit Mindset is a purpose-driven mindset to think beyond self, to think not of just being better than others but how to be better for others. 

The school values of Responsibility and Empathy underpin a Benefit Mindset. 

 Benefit Mindset Journey at Waterway Primary 

Our P2 students benefited their P1 juniors by teaching them about recess routines during the P2 Recess Buddy Programme.

Four of our students who are confident speakers benefited others with their public speaking skills by sharing about the SGSecure national movement at the Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC National Day Dinner 2018.A few of our students from the Coding & Robotics Interest CCA coached some P5 and P6 students from other schools to code their own games. Both our students and the coached showcased their games at the Young Coders @ North East CDC. 

S.H.I.N.E is the acronym that Waterway Primary School uses to describe the efforts that we take to imbue a Growth Mindset and a Benefit Mindset in our students. 

At Waterway Primary School, S.H.I.N.E stands for:

Smarter & 

Key Message

I can train my brain to do it better. 

Happier through 

I will be my best self to benefit the world. 


I reflect on my mistakes and think about my purpose. 

Navigating obstacles, & 

I can’t do it yet, but with effective effort, I will be able to. 

Effective effort 

I apply hard work and the right strategies to conquer challenges. 

The Growth and Benefit Mindsets aim to prepare the students of Waterway Primary School, for work, for life and for the future. The mindsets are integrated into the school’s curriculum so that there is synergy in practice and application. Through the programmes, our students learn to connect the dots between individual well-being and collective betterment. As they strategise to overcome challenges, reflect on their own mistakes, find meaning and purpose in things they learn and do, and think of effective ways to relates to others around them, Waterway Primary students will grow to be lifelong learners and gracious citizens.