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Orators@Waterway Programme in a nutshell.

Orators@Waterway is a key programme aimed at nurturing our students into gracious persons, engaging communicators and confident leaders. Recognising the need for our students to be socially and culturally competent in an increasingly globalised world, we seek to equip them with the listening, thinking and speaking skills critical for thriving in the 21st century.

The six-year programme adopts a whole-school approach and is underpinned by the school values – responsibility, integrity, self-discipline and empathy (RISE). These are emphasised in the students’ daily routines and interactions so that our students are concomitantly exemplary leaders and role models.

For two curriculum periods every week, our students participate in lesson activities involving experiential learning, peer learning, role-modelling and coaching from mentors. At the individual level, they learn to interact with others in a positive, respectful and culturally appropriate manner; conducting themselves well, practising active listening, maintaining eye contact with their communication partners, speaking clearly and being neat in appearance. As they present to crowds, our students learn to structure their presentations, to effectively engage their audience, and to speak with poise and confidence. Throughout their six years with us, they will receive training in areas such as drama, storytelling, topical sharing, news writing, literature appreciation, programme hosting, persuasive speaking, debating, and interview skills – all with a view to enable our students to use the English language and their body language skilfully to communicate their ideas.

The Orators@Waterway Programme lessons are supported by multiple public presentation and performance platforms which empower our students to grow in confidence. Beginning from Primary One, our students learn to stand up in front of the school to speak, to read, to sing and to lead in morning assemblies. Other platforms include skits, class presentations and dramatisation.

Orators@Waterway is supported by MOE as an Applied Learning Programme. Funds are provided for learning resources and for students to enjoy speech and drama lessons and theatre experience. A broadcasting studio has also been set up to enhance students’ learning opportunities.

Within a secure and encouraging environment, each student is progressively groomed to reach his or her personal peak of excellence.

Hear our students talk about some of the things they learn from the programme in this video
featured on MOE's YouTube channel.