The school conducts Robotics as part of its Programme for Active Learning (PAL). Robotics and coding helps develop pupils’ ability to think systematically and logically. It is an iterative approach to solve problems and test out ideas. Pupils also learn to collaborate and work effectively with others as a team.

For P1, pupils learn robotics and coding (Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot) through elements of drama such as experimentation, creation and presentation with the robot as a co-presenter. Key robotics and coding skills prepare the robot to ‘act along’ with the pupils. 




For P2 pupils, robotics and coding (Lego WeDo 2.0 and Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot) combines with visual arts to make learning fun. Pupils play the role of 21st Century Transportation and City Planners. They create art designs that integrate with the programmed robots in a city of the future and they will also need to articulate their rationale for the designs to their peers.