Aim: Enjoyment and appreciation for all, talent and interest development for some

Art plays an important role in our children’s growth and development. It develops the creative abilities of individuals and challenges our children to think out of the box and develop new perspectives of looking at things. We aim to provide positive learning experiences so that our students will be confident and visually literate to observe and perceive the world around them with greater awareness and sensitivity.

Art stimulates the minds of our young children. Through our Art programme, our students will appreciate Art, see the value of Art and recognise the relevance of Art. Platforms for students to communicate their thoughts and express their emotions include festive celebrations, commemorative occasions and National Education events.

There are specially designed Art rooms for Art lessons. Our Art Gallery displays students’ work and promotes peer learning and appreciation of the works of others.

Students interested or talented in Art will be provided with other platforms for development such
as national competitions or enrichment lessons. Activities held outside the classroom, such as visits to museums and Art exhibitions, will also enhance their learning experiences.