Aim: Enjoyment and appreciation for all, talent and interest development for some

Our students’ learning of Music @ Waterway Primary begins with singing and movement in the earlier years to picking up instrument playing skills on the recorder, ukulele and keyboard before consolidating their 6 years of learning by collaborating with friends to put up a performance in ‘The Music Showcase’ before their graduation. 

Here at Waterway Primary, we aim to develop in our students;
    1. An awareness of and appreciation for music locally and globally
    2. The ability for creative expression through music

Students will learn musical elements and concepts through the 3Es - Experience, Explore and Experiment during their lessons. They participate actively in hands-on activities, hone their listening skills and unleash their creativity in improvising and composing their own music, in both individual and group settings. There are also opportunities for students to perform and hence, build their confidence to showcase their musicality in front of an audience.

These are our key music programmes in which students get to enjoy music-making within school;

Music Quiz for all levels
A fun way for the students to reinforce their musical elements.

Mass Singing during morning assembly
Singing of local community and celebratory songs together as a whole school.
Performing Arts CCA Module (PA CCA)
Students get to explore their interests in Performing Arts.
WAP Centrestage
An open stage for all to put up a performance (eg: singing, dancing and playing instrument) individually        or with friends.

Talent Showcase
Talents will be scouted to put up performances for the school to view.

PAM Week
Students participate in a variety of learning activities that integrates PE, Art and Music for a holistic experience.

Playing Boomwhackers along to a song


Listening and learning more about A Capella singing from the local Micappella group