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Peer Support Relationships @ WAPS

Peer Support Relationships (PSR) initiative builds on our school's culture of care. It aims to create a supportive and caring environment so that our students will feel safe, accepted and empowered. 

This leads to positive child and youth development, risk prevention and health promotion, as well as improved student learning and academic achievement.


There are also two tiers of implementation of PSR @ WAPS

Tier 1: Every student a peer supporter
Tier 2: Selected students as Peer Support Leaders (PSL) to lead, champion and advocate PSR efforts


Students, as a peer supporter, will be taught skills to better support their peers. Some of these skills include: 
  • How to be a better listener
  • How to befriend their peers
  • How to be a better friend 

Peer Support Leaders (PSL), on the other hand, will go through specialised training to take on a leadership role in school and lead the peer support efforts. They will also be supported by PSL mentors (teachers) and the school counsellor. 

In our efforts to provide a caring and supportive environment for our students, we leave no child behind. 

Please view the videos and slides (in sequence) below to find out more about PSR @ WAPS