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Mrs Catherine Lee

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My husband and I felt quite worried and concerned at first that Waterway Primary School is newly set up and thought that our boys – Louis and Lucas – would have no seniors to guide them through their life in school. However, we later realised that that was all unnecessary thinking. We are lucky as all the teachers are so devoted. Every morning, we could see them at the school entrance and the drop-off point to ensure that the students are safe and guide them to the assembly area. We often see the Principal and the Vice-principal doing so too. It is so warm-hearted of them.

I volunteer for the school’s Friday Mass Walk programme, which I think is a splendid activity. As the school is adjacent to the Waterway Park, the pupils go for a half-hour morning walk there every alternate Friday. During the walk, the pupils are able to connect with nature. They explore different plants and insects and enjoy the morning sunlight. This helps the pupils to be in touch with their environment and provide them with a better understanding of their surroundings. At the same time, the walk improves the children’s stamina and helps them to be healthier.

As parents, we feel well-integrated in the school life of our boys and we know that our children are in good hands.

~ Mrs Catherine Lee, mother of Louis Lee & Lucas Lee (1A, 2016)