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Mrs Leni Candra

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Time flies…

This year, Raphael is in P2 at Waterway Primary School.

It is still fresh in my mind the reason we had chosen this school. It has main programmes such as Toastmasters@Waterway (WAP is the first primary school with such a programme), Di Zi Gui (Chinese enrichment), followed by ICT and Robotics lessons which are impressive. Besides all these programmes, we have the privilege to be the pioneers of Waterway Primary School!

As parents, we felt glad knowing the school prepares pupils for life and work in the future. The school not only emphasises academic areas. Pupils are also taught morals, good character and leadership as well, so they know how to learn, how to live well with others and how to manage life.

This year, as a P2 pupil, Raphael was happy to be given a chance to help and guide the new P1 pupils as a buddy. He was excited to show his buddy around the school and enjoyed playing his role.

We noticed Raphael has improved confidently in his actions and words. He shows more alertness and responsibility toward the lessons and shares his days in school with us.

We thank his Form Teacher, Mrs. Diana Yap. She is highly dedicated, extends her guidance and care towards our children and keeps parents updated regularly.

We would also like to thank all 2E teachers for their guidance and patience towards our children. We are grateful and appreciate the school’s principal, Mrs. Wee-Kwan Liam, and her team. With her leadership and the support of her team, the school provides a fun and meaningful learning journey and a safe environment for the pupils. Let’s keep up our good work together.

~ Mrs Leni Candra, mother of Raphael Cheng (2E, 2017)