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Mrs. Swati Jain

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To start with, I would like to congratulate the management and the teaching staff of Waterway Primary School for running the school so professionally and efficiently in the very first year of its inception. 

Initially, I was a little worried for my daughter when she was admitted into Waterway Primary School, but after 6 months, I feel relieved and satisfied to see her progress and to know that my daughter is in able hands. It’s a pleasing sight to see her excited about school every morning. 

The school has a good balance of studies and other activities. Apart from enriching classroom lessons, there are many interesting and unique programmes like the Toastmasters programme, the Morning Reading programme, the Mass Walk, Assembly activities etc. 

A great thanks to all the teachers and entire staff of Waterway Primary School for a great start!

~  Mrs. Swati Jain, mother of Kaashvi Jain (1C, 2016)