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Nellie Ko

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My son just joined Waterway Primary School this year. He has adapted to the new school very quickly. I am glad to see him enjoying going to school and loving his new school, teachers and friends. 

 As a parent volunteer, I join the Primary One students for Mass Walk on alternate Fridays. The children are always so happy and excited to go for walks. It is good that the school has this kind of activity where the children can relax, learn about nature and exercise at the same time.  

Besides the Mass PE activity, there is also the Good Morning School programme which is conducted on Mondays to Wednesdays at 7.30 a.m. before the flag-raising ceremony. Teachers share on current affairs, science, art, music, and conduct quizzes and singing. My son will share what he learns from the teachers. I find that this programme is beneficial to the children as the children can learn something that is beyond their textbooks.  

~Nellie Ko, mother of Atticus Pang (1C, 2017)