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 23) NellieKo.JPGMy son just joined Waterway Primary School this year. He has adapted to the new school very quickly. I am glad to see him enjoying going to school and loving his...
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~Nellie Ko, mother of Atticus Pang (1C, 2017)

 I am the parent of Hoh J'Ken who is studying at Waterway Primary School and my son is in the first year. I must say being a parent who doesn't follow the footsteps of...
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~Mr Hoh, father of Hoh J'Ken (1E, 2017)

 Volunteering can actually be really fun. I get to meet like-minded parents in various school activities, learn many new things, have adventures, and it does feel really good to...
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~Dewi Tan, mother of Kenzo Chai (1F, 2017)

 21) Roshan.jpegFirst of all, I would like to thank all the teachers and staff in Waterway Primary School who have helped my child to...
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~Lakshmi Priya, parent of Vadakatha Rajaram Roshan (2A, 2017)

 19) SaiTejas.jpegGreetings and wishing Waterway Primary School a great success. We are very happy that our son, Sai Tejas, got admission into Waterway Primary School. As this is the first year for him to...
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~Parent of Sai Tejas (1D, 2017)

 17) Lavakshaya.jpeg It’s been 14+ months that we have engaged with Waterway Primary School. We have been very impressed...
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~Mrs Roopali Sharma, mother of Sharma Lavakshaya (2A, 2017)

 8) LewisLoo.jpeg I would like to thank all teachers and staff of Waterway Primary School for their time, effort and leadership...
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~Parent of Lewis Loo (2A, 2017)

 7) IsaacLeoh.jpegDear Class 1G teachers, We feel very thankful that Waterway Primary School gave our son (Leoh Zi Qian, Isaac) a great learning environment. A school is not only...
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~Mr Albert Leoh, father of Isaac Leoh (1G, 2017)

 5) Josh.jpeg I'd like to compliment Waterway Primary School for providing a holistic and conducive environment for students. Prior to enrolment, we had...
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~Gin & Calvin, parents of Josh Tan (1B, 2017)

 3) Qaizer.jpegCommunication with my child’s teacher was really good. The teacher is Mrs Lu. She teaches my child, Qaizer, in 1D. She went the extra mile to...
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~Parent of Qaizer Iltifat Bin Hidayat (1D, 2016)

 1) Ms Jessica Siow.jpegWhen it comes to selecting a primary school for our children, it is truly a big headache for all parents. To enter the ‘more established’ schools in Punggol was quite impossible...

~ Ms Jessica Siow, mother of Zoelle Tan (2E, 2017) and Ethan Tan (1H, 2017)
 2) Parents of Jayden Teo.jpegDear 1H teachers, Knowledge Park Student Care and all,   I just wanted to thank you all...

~ Parents of Jayden Teo (1H, 2017)
 4) Mrs Tan.jpegThough Waterway Primary was not my first choice of school for Jaden, I am glad God has an even better plan for him. He enjoys going to school every day and will fill me in with little details on what he did in school.  
I am especially...


~Mrs Tan, mother of Jaden Tan (2E, 2017)

 6) Mrs Daphne Pok.jpegThe teachers are very passionate in Waterway Primary School. My son got involved in roles such as presentation, flag raising and other duties that help...

~Mrs Daphne Pok, mother of Lukas Pok (2B, 2017)
 9) Mr Loh Jun Jia.jpegInitially, I chose Waterway Primary School because the location is near to my mum's residence.  
My initial experience with the school was amazing. During the opening...


~Mr Loh Jun Jia, father of Loh Zi Lin (2D, 2017)
 10) Candice Ang.jpegI am parent of Lucas Chan of Class 1C and also a parent volunteer for Mass PE. Every Friday, I will assist the teacher to bring the kids out to the Waterway Park for...

~Candice Ang, mother of Lucas Chan (1C, 2017)
 11) Mrs Iris Tan (2).jpegThe school values are constantly reminding Jerald to show responsibility, integrity, self-discipline and empathy. We are seeing his effort to uphold the school values in his daily life.  
The caring...


~Mrs Iris Tan, mother of Jerald Tan (2B, 2017)
 12) Mdm Chew Kim Kee.jpegSincere thanks to Ms Ivy Yeo and all other teachers who had nurtured, guided and being ever so patient with Kyle. Kyle had a wonderful and enriching one year in...

~Mdm Chew Kim Kee, mother of Kyle Tan (2C, 2017)
 14) Parents of Yemima Putri Cheng.jpegDear Miss Yeo, Miss Wee and Teachers,   We are grateful for the continuous effort and...

~Mr Cheng Kim How & Mdm Dani, parents of Yemima Putri Cheng (2C, 2017)

 15) Grace.jpegI have penned down some thoughts on how Renase feels about the school, as well as my views on her teachers and the school’s programmes.   I want to say that...

~Grace, mother of Renase Foo (1E, 2017)

 16) Mrs Catherine Lee (2).jpegLouis and Lucas have finished their Primary One last year and are moving on to Primary Two this year. We are fortunate that the... 

~Mrs Catherine Lee, mother of Louis Lee & Lucas Lee (2A, 2017)

 18) Parent of Chia Jun Long.jpegMy son, Jun Long, was a transferee to Waterway Primary School for his 2nd year of primary education. We are really glad that we have made the decision to come to...  

~Parent of Chia Jun Long (2A, 2017)

 20) Parents of Manpreet Lincoln.jpegWaterway = Watering the way for children to grow into exemplary individuals.
We wish to...

~Parents of Manpreet Lincoln (2D, 2017)
 22) Mrs Lee.jpegHi Mrs Wong, I just want to share that you did a great job! Celyn is truly blessed...

~Mrs Lee, mother of Celyn Lee (1F, 2017)

14) Mrs Wong Shin Min.jpgAs the famous saying goes, “Every school is a good school”. And I would like to add that Waterway Primary School is the best school! I have heard...

~ Parents of Zoelle Wong (2E, 2017)

15) Mrs Leni Candra.jpg

Time flies…

This year, Raphael is in P2 at Waterway Primary School.

It is still fresh in my mind the reason we had chosen this school...

~ Mrs Leni Candra, mother of Raphael Cheng (2E, 2017)

18) Mr & Mrs Ridhwan.jpg
We have 2 children attending Waterway Primary School and I have to say it was the best decision I could make for them... 

~ Mr and Mrs Ridhwan, parents of Sarah Qistina (2E, 2017) & Muhd Aniq (1H, 2017)

17) Mrs Mona Choo.jpg
I am thankful and very assured that my child is in the 'right school' for his development and growth in the next 5 years. The emphasis on character and leadership development...

~ Mrs Mona Choo, mother of Vangelis Choo (1D, 2016)

16) Mr & Mrs Koh.jpg

Dear Mrs Wee,

We would like to compliment Waterway Primary School on giving our child (Gabriel Maximus Koh) a holistic education and a caring teacher (Mrs Diana Yap) for his Primary 1E class.

Knowing that Waterway Primary School was a new school...

~ Mr & Mrs Koh, parents of Gabriel Maximus Koh (1E, 2016)
13) Mdm Lo Pin Ju.jpeg 榜鹅的小学入学竞争实在很激烈,我们没有名校的迷思,直接选择了2016年才开办的河道小学来就读,考量的就是新学校有新气象,学生人数少老师能更关切到每个孩子的需求给予协助。很幸运的...

~  Mdm Lo Pin Ju, mother of Liang Wei Yu (1B, 2016) 
12) Mrs Swati Jain.jpeg
To start with, I would like to congratulate the management and the teaching staff of Waterway Primary School for running the school so professionally and efficiently in the very first year of its inception. Initially...
~  Mrs. Swati Jain, mother of Kaashvi Jain (1C, 2016) 
11) Li Yechao & Chen Liyan.png
致辛苦工作的河道小学的全体老师: 你们好,我们是Raymond Chen(陈培霖)的父母。在此我要特别感谢你们在这超过半年的时间里对小孩子们的奉献以及关爱,让每个孩子都有长足的进步。这让我们家长感到无比欣慰。... 

~  Li Yechao and Chen Liyan, parents of Raymond Chen (1C, 2016)  
 10) Mrs Grace Seah.png
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~  Mrs Grace Seah, mother of Reenie Seah (1D, 2016)  
 9) Mrs Mahrukh Rakay Karim.jpg
Waterway Primary School is one of the newest additions to Punggol's academic arena. Being in Phase 3 of the P1 Registration Exercise last year, with not much of a choice at hand, we registered our son, Ijtiba, in the school, having no idea what the future holds for us! By a stroke of luck, we could not be any happier... 

~  Mrs Mahrukh Rakay Karim, mother of Muhammad Ijtiba Karim (1E, 2016)  
 8) Mrs Patricia Theseira.jpg
Five months sped by. It felt like yesterday when Luke took his first step of his journey for primary education. 

We wanted Luke to be in a nurturing environment where he can grow intellectually, socially and most importantly, morally. Collectively, we decided on Waterway Primary School as Mrs Wee's philosophy and direction for the school was a perfect match ... 

~  Mrs Patricia Theseira, mother of Theseira Luke Markus (1B, 2016)  
 7) Mrs Iris Tan.jpg
We feel so fortunate to have our son, Jerald, enrolled at Waterway Primary School. Even though this is a newly set up school which we did have some reservations about at first, all our initial concerns were gone after Jerald's first semester of school life because we see how the group of key personnel and caring teachers are leading our son so confidently and engaging him to enjoy... 

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~ Mrs Iris Tan, mother of Jerald Tan (1B, 2016)
 6) Mrs Catherine Lee.jpg
My husband and I felt quite worried and concerned at first that Waterway Primary School is newly set up and thought that our boys – Louis and Lucas – would have no seniors to guide them through their life in school. However, we later realised that that was all unnecessary thinking. We are lucky as all the teachers are so devoted. Every morning, we could see them at the school entrance... 
~ Mrs Catherine Lee, mother of Louis Lee & Lucas Lee   (1A, 2016)  
 5) Mrs Nidhi Chaudhary.jpg
As an active parent, I have always been concerned about my son’s education and creative development. Having taken the correct decision to put him in Waterway Primary School, I feel more relaxed now. It was not easy at first for my son to get along with the other kids as he had fractured his leg before he started primary school... 

~ Mrs Nidhi Chaudhary, mother of Aanish Chaudhary (1D, 2016) 
 4) Mr Wee Chong Hoe.jpg
 I am glad that I have chosen Waterway Primary School for my daughter, who has settled in well and is greatly enjoying every aspect of her school life. She has made many new friends and loves to talk about her days in school. My child has grown, learnt and become more confident with learning. The school has got an excellent, friendly and great atmosphere... 
~ Mr Wee Chong Hoe, father of Wee Shao Lew (1E, 2016)  
 3) Mdm Mandy Lim.jpg
 I was quite concerned when I first enrolled my granddaughter, Arisa, with Waterway Primary School. Although the facilities are new and well provided for, I could not help but wonder about the teaching system as we understand how important it is for children to be able to learn in a healthy and happy environment... 
~ Mdm Mandy Lim, grandmother of Arisa Yap (1A, 2016)  
 2) Mrs Sylvie Wong.jpg
Entering P1 is an important milestone for every child and their parents. We wanted to look for a school that would let Eldon continue his learning journey in building up his character so he will grow up with sound values and be a confident person doing what it is good and right. We were also looking for a school that he would be able to cope in as we knew he would be the youngest in his level... 
~ Mrs Sylvie Wong, mother of Eldon Wong (1E, 2016)   
 1) Mrs Roopali Sharma.jpg
I would like to start with a big thank you to the whole teaching staff of Waterway Primary School for such great effort they have put in for the first 5 months of school. It also gives me a great sense of satisfaction that my son is in great hands. It’s even more satisfying when I see various programmes in their curriculum in action... `
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~ Mrs Roopali Sharma, mother of Sharma Lavakshaya (1A, 2016)