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Mdm Mandy Lim

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I was quite concerned when I first enrolled my granddaughter, Arisa, with Waterway Primary School. Although the facilities are new and well provided for, I could not help but wonder about the teaching system as we understand how important it is for children to be able to learn in a healthy and happy environment.

To better understand this school, I decided to enrol as a parent volunteer and was assigned to help out in their Mass Walk programme. Once a week, the school would arrange a few classes to have an educational stroll at the Waterway Park.  My role is to assist the teachers in making sure that all the children are following the group, as well as to ensure their safety.

Through my observation, I found that the interaction between the teachers and the children is excellent! The children, bursting with curiosity, ask questions about the surrounding nature while the teachers patiently answer questions and link what they see outdoors to their classroom teaching. Although this walk only lasts for 30 minutes each time, I feel that the impact on these children is extremely positive. The children are more energetic after the short walk, and the bonding between the teachers and the students is enhanced. I could see that the students were not shy to speak up or ask questions.

I have been on this programme since February this year, and today, I have no worries entrusting Arisa to the school.  On top of that, I am always looking forward to the next outing.

Would I recommend others to enrol their children at Waterway Primary?  Absolutely! ~ Mdm Mandy Lim, grandmother of Arisa Yap (1A, 2016)