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Mr Loh Jun Jia

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Initially, I chose Waterway Primary School because the location is near to my mum's residence.  

My initial experience with the school was amazing. During the opening of the school, the Principal and Vice Principal were standing near the school entrance as well as the porch welcoming the students and parents.  

I must say the school has teachers with vast teaching experiences and they guided my daughter well. Now she can do her homework independently without much supervision or reminder.  

I would like to thank Mrs Tan and the rest of the subject teachers who have been patient and provided guidance to Zi Lin on her academic progression.  

I would also like to salute our unsung heroes, the school’s Operation and Admin Managers, as well as the security officers who are at the school gates to ensure the smooth operation, traffic movement and safety of the students and parents.  

Thank you!!  

~Mr Loh Jun Jia, father of Loh Zi Lin (2D, 2017)