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Mrs Roopali Sharma

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I would like to start with a big thank you to the whole teaching staff of Waterway Primary School for such great effort they have put in for the first 5 months of school. It also gives me a great sense of satisfaction that my son is in great hands. It’s even more satisfying when I see various programmes in their curriculum in action.

I regularly volunteer for programmes like the Mass Walk, English Reading programme and others but what I am most impressed with is the Toastmasters programme. This programme has been designed to bring out the natural creativity of young minds and gives them the ability to express themselves on any given topic. The laser sharp focus and attention of teachers here for each and every individual takes the learning experience to a whole new level.

I congratulate the whole teaching staff here for a great start and wish that they continue the great momentum. ~ Mrs Roopali Sharma, mother of Sharma Lavakshaya (1A, 2016)