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Parents of Josh Tan

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I'd like to compliment Waterway Primary School for providing a holistic and conducive environment for students. Prior to enrolment, we had the choice to enrol our boy in a highly sought after school.  However, the choice was clear when we met up with the school counsellors and teachers from both schools.  

Having met up with most of his subject teachers, I must say that all of them are really understanding, cheerful and patient! Would especially like to compliment Mrs Han, his Form Teacher, who has been very patient and prompt in reply when I need to inform her about my son's issues. Her dedication can be felt from the way my son talks about her! Josh never fails to share with us the fun he has with Mrs Han during class.  

Kudos to his Chinese teacher, Ms Seah, and Math teacher, Mrs Lee, for paving the way to a secure and conducive learning environment for students, and not forgetting all of his subject teachers who have been showing him concern and care. Can't thank everyone enough, and am glad we chose Waterway Primary School!  

During the first day of school, when parents were not allowed into the school, we were a bit worried that our son might not adapt. When his previous kindergarten schoolmates' parents were blasting us with photos of their children in their new schools during the first 2-3 days, we didn't feel good as we were worried about how he was adapting to a new environment. Ms Sandy assured us that he was doing very well and even bought a drink on his own. Students are really blessed to have kind and understanding educators in their crucial growing up years and contribute to their positive character development.  

Thank you Waterway Primary for making all possible! We are looking forward to enrol his younger brother next year!  

~Gin & Calvin, parents of Josh Tan (1B, 2017)